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WeCobot is founded by Bas Rutgers and Ton Bos. Bas has a background as software engineer in industrial automation. He worked for several companies, engineering projects all over the world. Ton brings over ten years of manufacturing engineering experience to the table, gained through employment at several companies in the automotive industry.

Ton Bos


The intersection of people and technology, helping others through smart technological solutions; that’s what I enjoy the most. Creatively realising or optimising production processes. Developing concepts that reach maximal potential with minimal effort. Involving those responsible for production as well as production personnel is crucial. Together is always better!

It’s not just my work that gives me energy. My wife and I have four young children that we enjoy immensely. Feel free to call me at 06-27555356 or send me an email at

Bas Rutgers


Software, computers, automation; they’re here to help people. Designing smart (software) solutions which unburden and help the user; that is my mission. I believe collaboration begins and ends with communication. My strong inner drive to keep improving allows me to look critically at processes and systems; there is so much to be gained by finding the right balance.

Besides WeCobot and personal development, I am also very passionate about climate change and the energy transition.

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