What we do

Customised solutions

WeCobot delivers customised solutions for your automation issues. As independent cobot integrator we work with multiple cobot brands to make sure we can make the right choice for every kind of application.


MigMag or TIG welding with a cobot?
The system is very quick and easy to put in operation, which makes it feasible to set up a cobot for smaller series or even single piece welding.

Sanding and polishing
Sanding and polishing require feeling. Following a flat or curved surface with precise and constant force is possible with cobots. With the right combination of hardware and software, teaching the system new products is quickly and easily done.

For many products, screwing is part of the assembly process. A task that can easily be taken over by a cobot. Through relieving employees of this task, one can be much more time efficient. Because safety screens are not necessary, a cobot screwing solution is easy to insert into existing assembly processes.

Pick and place, machine loading
Processing machines like presses, turning, milling or punching machines have one thing in common: you need to put a part in, and after processing, it needs to be taken out. This task is particularly suitable to cobots. Do we pick up the part with a suction cup, magnet, or a grab? WeCobot will always look for the right solution.

There are many more applications for cobots than listed above, like gluing, luting, 3d measuring, et cetera. Together with you, WeCobot explores all possibilities.


We select the right type of cobot, and ensure that your cobot can screw, glue, weld, measure, pick, lift, polish, sand, load or assemble. We train the users and integrate the cobot to work with both other machinery and people.
Some companies choose to do parts of the cobot project themselves. Of course, this is possible. Before and during the project we keep communicating who is responsible for which part.